Pop Up Reno

Memorial Day weekend was spent working on our pop up. Tyler and I only had one or two or five spats. My parents and I only wanted to kill each other maybe twice. That’s a pretty good win for three entire days of work. The day we got the pop up, we cleaned the outside … More Pop Up Reno

We bought a Pop Up!

After looking and dreaming about RVs, Tyler and I decided to get our feet wet and purchase a pop up camper. We purchased a 1986 Jayco 806 pop up from a family friend. It’s structurally in pretty good condition. Aesthetically, it looks like 1986. I have plans to renovate and reorganize our little slice of … More We bought a Pop Up!

Apparently your muscle mass can predict how long you live.

One of the classes I am in is simply.. Lifespan. We talk about learning theories, ailments that have an impact on your entire life (like cerebral palsy, for example), body systems and how they’re affected by aging (hearing, vision, etc.), how to treat, and maybe more importantly, how to prevent. One of our class assignments was … More Apparently your muscle mass can predict how long you live.

What’s a BMI?

Body Mass Index. So what’s a body mass index? Simply, it’s a number that puts you in a category of under weight, healthy weight, over weight, or obese. How do you find it? The equation is: (height(lbs) x 703) / (weight(in) squared) Or you can click here Or you can use this fancy chart So why is … More What’s a BMI?

Travel Tuesday!

I LOVE to travel. I’ve been to 30 states and 5 countries so far. My favorite places include Ireland, London, Disney World, and Utah. My love of exploration has quickly transferred to my husband. Together, we’ve been to 11 national parks. We love nature, camping, hiking, relaxing on the beach, being kids in Disney World, … More Travel Tuesday!