Pop Up Reno

Memorial Day weekend was spent working on our pop up. Tyler and I only had one or two or five spats. My parents and I only wanted to kill each other maybe twice. That’s a pretty good win for three entire days of work.

The day we got the pop up, we cleaned the outside of it- scrubbed the canvas, vinyl, and the shell. The top of the shell was nasty. Seriously, the left side and the part closest is clean, and the dark part is straight dirt.  Ew.  Since we cleaned it then, we spent the weekend inside the camper. 
Then we ripped out all the existing furniture and floors.

Next step was to cover up all the wires and mechanisms. These boxes also double as seating and a step to get into the bed. We also framed out the benches. I painted the inside (and the outside) with a white primer. 

Tyler replaced the bungee cord that went around the inside of the canvas to hold it tight with Velcro. 

It was great spending some daddy-daughter time too. There’s no way Tyler and I would get this done without his help. 

After framing the benches, we were able to reuse the old bench top as a hinge top for the new benches for extra storage. Tyler resized the foam, and my mom covered the old bench cushions with some fabric we got at Hobby Lobby.

After all this work, we still have quite a ways to go. The kitchen is framed but needs a shelf, door, and flip top for the stove. Things need to be painted and organized. The curtains and beds need to be cleaned. We need bed clothes and pillows. A table. Fun decorations. All the goodies to go camping like toothbrushes and flashlights and things.
Hopefully we’ll be done in a couple weeks and be able to go camping by the time our summer classes start up!


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