We bought a Pop Up!

After looking and dreaming about RVs, Tyler and I decided to get our feet wet and purchase a pop up camper. We purchased a 1986 Jayco 806 pop up from a family friend. It’s structurally in pretty good condition. Aesthetically, it looks like 1986. I have plans to renovate and reorganize our little slice of happy, and I can’t wait to get started.

We purchased her from Mr. and Mrs. Kerr. They’ve had the pop up for 15 years. They got tired of fooling with in and are going back to tent camping. Yes. Tent camping. They were so sweet and kept saying they hope we have as much fun as they had camping. 
Mrs. Kerr is a seamstress so she made the curtains and had made custom fitting sheets for both mattresses.
A big down side to me is that you have to cross over the table or benches to get to the bed. That’s the biggest reason I want to tear everything out. I know a couple puppy dogs that would love to make a furry mess of our table and benches. 
The second thing that will be a different is that we’re taking out the stove and the sink. We don’t want to worry with grey water and propane tanks. Usually there’s a water pump close by, and we plan on using a Coleman grill too anyway. 

It’s to be determined if we make changes to the outside. If we do, it would be a simple color change and removing the propane tank off the front. 

I can’t wait to share updates and eventually the finished product. More important, I can’t wait to go camping! 


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