Disney World Planning!

I LOVE Disney. We recently got back from my tenth-ish trip. We had fast passes to all the best rides, rode every ride on our wish list (except two), got to relax at the pool, ate wonderful food,  and didn’t stand in line longer than 30 minutes- all in four days. Yes, we were exhausted, but we had so much fun.

Here’s how I started our planning!

  • 1: Decide when to go (and book a hotel)
    • Let the big dogs tell you when each park is the most crowded- they know their stuff. My favorite is Under Cover Tourist. If they say don’t go because it’s super crowded, seriously, don’t go.
  • 1.5: Decide when to go to each park.
    • Each park is busy on different days- under cover tourist helps with that too.
  • 2: Make a list of all the things you want to do
    • Seriously. There’s so much.
    • Kid rides, teen rides, thrill rides, water rides, shooting rides, motion rides.
    • Then there’s short films, shows, skits, street performers, parades
    • Don’t forget to meet characters
    • Where you’re going to eat
  • 3: Get fast passes and food reservations!
    • Food reservations- you can make them online, call, or on the app using your Disney experience.
    • Fast Passes- made online or on the app with your Disney experience. You get three fast passes in advance. Once you’ve used all three of your fast passes at the park, you can get one fast pass at a time using your app. So if you can manage to get all three fast passes earlier in the day, you can use more in the evening. 
    • DO NOT GET A FAST PASS WITHIN AN HOUR OF THE PARK OPENING OR CLOSING. The lines are shorter at opening, closing, and during parades and fireworks. You don’t want to get a fast pass for something that has a ten minute wait. You do want a fast pass for something that has an hour and ten minute wait. 
    • Some rides can have wait lines as long as 2 hours. This website here will help you decide which rides need a fast pass.
  • 4: Print maps to make a game plan.
    • You don’t want to show up at Magic Kingdom, go to Space Mountain, run to Haunted Mansion, just to turn around to go back to Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor. Even with good planning, you can walk over 14,000 steps. You don’t want to take any steps you don’t need!
  • 5: Make yourself a walking plan and start drinking water.
    • Walking around for hours on end is hard. It’s really stinking hard. Start walking now to prepare your feet! 
    • WATER is so important. I’m not kidding. Walking forever in 92 degree weather. You will get dehydrated. Just do it. Drink your water.
  • 6: Go to Disney and remember it’s okay if your plans change.

That’s the short lesson. I’ll post park specific  updates later and link them back here! 



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