Monday Motivation- Personality Types

So it’s a Monday. I sat on the couch all weekend, ate pizza, played with my dogs, and studied just a tiny bit. I’m not motivated today. At all. I would much rather be in a hammock reading my book and just relaxing. Now what? I have to study for an exam that is scheduled for 8:00am tomorrow. I have to go to the store, walk the dogs, study, put away my laundry, and so much more. But I’m going to look at my Myers-Briggs personality type indicator instead.

I am an ISFJ based on the Myers-Briggs type indicator.  I can go to the website, read about my personality type, and then read tips and hints about myself which, for me, can relay over to my every day life for school and relationships.

Here’s what I learned about ISFJ:

  • Introverted-draws from within
  • Sensing- attends to details
  • Feeling- reaching conclusions based on values and beliefs
  • Judging- like things spelled out and definite


  • Overview: Excellent analytical abilities,  well-developed people skills, kind, true altruists, works in medicine, academics, and charitable social work, tend to underplay accomplishments, can be taken advantage of by helping others and not taking credit, rarely sit idle, connect to others on an intimate level, not truly comfortable in the spotlight.
  • Strengths: supportive, reliable, patient, imaginative, observant, enthusiastic, loyal, hard-working, good practical skills.
  • Weaknesses: shy, meek, take things too personally, repress their feelings, overload themselves, reluctant to change, too altruistic.
  • Relationships: “Home is where the heart is,” unbearable shyness can cause a longer time to reach a tong-term relationship. Mutual support, advice, and reassurance between myself and friends helps deepen relationships.
  • Career Paths: supportive to coworkers, customers, and patients. Respect tradition and security. Strive in counseling, technical support, and interior designers. Strong sense of practicality.

Sounds pretty much like me, to me! So now I can use this information to look up stuff like how to become more assertive,  take a step back from helping everyone to help myself sometimes, better organize myself, etc. This makes perfect sense for me wanting to keep everything perfectly organized, keep lists upon lists of what I’m suppose to do, how I drain myself from trying to do everything at once.

There’s so much information about personality types online, in books, and probably facebook groups about it. They even share what celebrities you share a personality type with (I see you Beyoncé.) If you don’t know your personality type, click here. It’s something fun to look at instead of studying for an exam.


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