Let’s go Cruisin’

I REAAAALLY want to go on a cruise in December after finals week to celebrate finish year two of physical therapy school. The only cruise line we’ve used is Carnival Cruises. Here’s my thought process for booking our cruise, and the website is the easiest way to book ever.

  • Head to https://www.carnival.com/
  • Fill out the options
    • Sail to
      • I don’t know where I want to sail to, so I leave this one empty.
        • I’ve been to Nassau, Half Moon Cay, and Freeport!
          • Half Moon Cay is by far my favorite. You don’t have to book an excursion to enjoy the place.
          • Freeport and Nassau aren’t that great unless you book an excursion that takes you somewhere fun like kayaking or Atlantis.
    • Sail From
      • I click multiples that are within a 12 hour drive.
        • Miami, FL: 12 hours
        • Port Canaveral, FL: 9 hours 30 minutes
        • Jacksonville, FL: 7 hours
        • Mobile, AL: 9 hours
        • New Orleans, LA: 10 hours 30 minutes
        • Tampa, FL: 10 hours 30 minutes
        • Charleston, SC: 5 hours
    • Dates
      • December of this year for us, but you can pick ranges of months if you aren’t picky when you go. Certain times of the year are cheaper than others. Example: first week of December a cruise that’s $209/person costs over $400 over Christmas and New Years!
    • Duration
      • I choose 2-5 days, but typically book a 4 or 5 day cruise. Especially if it’s your first time cruising.

Pick one & book it!

  • So my favorites are…
    • Miami -> Key West -> Cozumel (4 day)
      • December 11th, $204
    • Port Canaveral ->Nassau -> Princess Cays (4day)
      • December 10th, $214
    • Mobile -> Yucatan -> Cozumel (5 day)
      • December 11th, $249
    • Choose the sail date and book!
    • Follow along the booking process questions with what you need!
      • How many staterooms: we only need one, since there’s two of us.
      • How many people are cruising: two.
      • Tell us about yourself: we always choose US, TN, military, and VIFP Club
      • Choose Room Type: suite, balcony, exterior, interior
        • we’re going with interior because it’s the cheapest and most of the time we’ll be up on the deck looking out. All you do in the room is sleep!
          • Interior upper/lower is a bunk bed, so we won’t be choosing that option, and Portholes are cool- but cost extra.
      • Pricing: they most always show the cheapest price option, but you can always view more so you pick what you want.
      • Which section do you prefer: we like the middle section best since it helps prevent sea sickness. (The front and back lift up against waves but the middle stays relatively level) It’s also closer to the food options.
      • Choose a deck: we always go with what’s included. The closer to the bottom of the ship is a less likely chance of sea sickness as well.
      • Pick your room: I also try to steer clear of the stairs and elevators!
    • The next part is to read over your booking information.
    • I always get the included prepaid gratuity that way you never have to try to figure out who to tip, how much to tip, etc.
    • My husband also always gets the vacation protection which is $49 per person.
      • If we have to cancel, someone gets sick, or there’s an emergency.
    • Sign up or Sign In.
      • I sign in, so the primary traveler info is already filled in.
    • Then you get two options: pay the full amount or pay a deposit.
      • I like to pay the deposit- you never know when there can be a surprise sale on your cruise. You can call customer service, and they’ll adjust your price!
    • Last step is to fill out the info to pay, and you’ll get a confirmation email.

SOMEONE won’t let me book a cruise just yet, but WHEN we do, I’ll write another post about the excursions!

Here’s to wanderlust for the big open sea.


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