Travel Tuesday!

I LOVE to travel. I’ve been to 30 states and 5 countries so far. My favorite places include Ireland, London, Disney World, and Utah. My love of exploration has quickly transferred to my husband. Together, we’ve been to 11 national parks. We love nature, camping, hiking, relaxing on the beach, being kids in Disney World, and just soaking up new sights.

Travel Tuesday is going to be a place for me to lay out all my travel plans and ideas. Things I’ve done in the past (like eight national parks in one week, Disney park plans) and things I want to do in the future (Ireland, national parks, cruises).

This is also going to be used in the future while traveling for work. My husband and I have (practically) decided that we are going to travel as part of our job. We both graduate from physical therapy school in 2018, and there are so many companies that offer short-term contracts to PT’s throughout the US. We love to travel, so why not do it while getting paid? We’re looking at purchasing a truck and a fifth wheel to live in while we work for the next three years so expect comparisons of our future RV floorplans, possible living areas, and so on and such. While living in an RV, we’ll be staying in wonderful places and camping on the weekends with our two dogs. So on top of RV life, we’ll have tents, backpacking gear, and things we like to make and while camping

We love to travel and we can’t wait to travel more!




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