Invitation Organization

Invitation Excel Sheet  <– click on that for the document!

My first “Saturday Sheets” post!

Have you ever thrown a party/shower/wedding and thought “WHERE’S ALL MY ADDRESSES?” Or did you get an RSVP back in the mail WITHOUT A NAME ON IT?? For any party, an RSVP is so important for how much space and food you’re gonna need.

I used this excel document for invitations to my graduation party, bridal shower, and wedding. As a maid/matron of honor, I used it for bridal showers. I’ll eventually use it for baby showers and birthday parties too. Eventually.

Fill it in:

  • Make a list of everyone you want to invite
  • Address for those people
  • The number of people in that group/family
  • At the bottom, the people/businesses you need to make room/food for

Why use it:

  • Each guest now has a number that’s on the far left side of the excel sheet, right this number on the back of RSVP cards. Seriously. Do it.
    • because someone will return an RSVP card without their name on it, but it doesn’t matter because you’ll have the number on the card.
  • It keeps up with the number of people invited automatically
  • It keeps up with the number of people who are coming automatically

So there you have it! The way I organize all the parties I throw, know who’s coming, who hasn’t RSVP’d yet, and keep up with all the addressed I’ll need for future events!


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