PIIT Challenge + 28 Day Reset

This week, I’ve fully committed to my workout and meal plan. I have been watching Cassey Ho on youtube and following her blog for six years now! I just recently purchased her work out plan and meal plan after doing research on it and decided that it looks amazing and is scientifically accurate (to my knowledge). Go check her out by clicking  here!

PIIT28 is the workout- 28 days of work outs. Each day works on a specific body area- abs, booty, arms, back, etc. Cardio is everyday since this model is based off of HIIT (high intensity interval training). Both of these concepts work well and have been used for ages.

28 Day Reset is the meal plan- 28 days of meals perfectly planned and proportioned. Each day I’ll have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks in between (this helps with metabolism, cholesterol, and insulin levels). Her PDF cookbook has each meal planned out for the whole week with recipes AND a shopping list for the grocery store.

I’m on day one of the workout and meal plan, and I already just feel happier. I remembered how much I hated tomatoes but was surprised at how good almonds taste. Her workouts are quick (about an hour) and the food is healthy (non dairy, gluten, and all other goodies I love to devour).

Follow my journey or start your own



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