Here’s How This Works.

To better organize my “brain dumps,” I want to organize my blogs on different days. Everyone loves alliteration, too, right?

•Sunday Scriptures- as a Christian, I want to share at least once a week what I studied in the Bible.

•Meh Monday- whatever I think of that day, motivation for the week, family stories, something funny that happened at school.

•Travel Tuesday- travel plans that I’ve used or want to use, places I want to go, places I’ve been

•Wellness Wednesday- I have an exercise science degree, and I’d like to share fitness tips, BMI calculators, and anything else wellness related

•Therapy Thursday- as I go through physical therapy school, I’d like to challenge myself to share something I’ve learned in school from a new diagnose we heard about to exercise theories

•Food Friday- a new restaurant or recipe I’ve tried

•Saturday Sheets-anything I’ve used to keep myself organized, sheets of paper in my bullet journal to excel sheets I used in my wedding

Here’s to a new adventure and better organized mind.


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